пятница, 19 марта 2010 г.

CodeIgniter 2.0. В ожидании релиза.

Близится релиз второй версии CodeIgniter'а.


General changes
  • PHP 4 support is deprecated. Features new to 2.0.0 may not support PHP 4, and all legacy features will no longer support PHP 4 as of 2.1.0.
  • Scaffolding, having been deprecated for a number of versions, has been removed.
  • Plugins have been removed, in favor of Helpers. The CAPTCHA plugin has been converted to a Helper and documented. The JavaScript calendar plugin was removed due to the ready availability of great JavaScript calendars, particularly with jQuery.
  • Added new special Library type: Drivers.
  • Added routing overrides to the main index.php file, enabling the normal routing to be overridden on a per "index" file basis.
  • Added the ability to set config values (or override config values) directly from data set in the main index.php file. This allows a single application to be used with multiple front controllers, each having its own config values.
  • Added $config['directory_trigger'] to the config file so that a controller sub-directory can be specified when running _GET strings instead of URI segments.
  • Added ability to set "Package" paths - specific paths where the Loader and Config classes should try to look first for a requested file. This allows distribution of sub-applications with their own libraries, models, config files, etc. in a single "package" directory. See the Loader class documentation for more details.
  • In-development code is now hosted at BitBucket.

  • Added Security library, which now contains the xss_clean function, filename_security function and other security related functions.
  • Added CSRF (Cross-site Reference Forgery) protection to the Security library.
  • Added $parse_exec_vars property to Output library.
  • Added ability to enable / disable individual sections of the Profiler
  • Added a wildcard option $config['allowed_types'] = '*' to the File Uploading Class.
  • Added an 'object' config variable to the XML-RPC Server library so that one can specify the object to look for requested methods, instead of assuming it is in the $CI superobject.
  • Added "is_object" into the list of unit tests capable of being run.
  • Table library will generate an empty cell with a blank string, or NULL value.
  • Added ability to set tag attributes for individual cells in the Table library
  • Added a parse_string() method to the Parser Class.
  • Added HTTP headers and Config information to the Profiler output.
  • Added Chrome and Flock to the list of detectable browsers by browser() in the User Agent Class.
  • The Unit Test Class now has an optional "notes" field available to it, and allows for discrete display of test result items using $this->unit->set_test_items().

  • Added swap_pre value to database configuration.
  • Added autoinit value to database configuration.
  • Added stricton value to database configuration.
  • Added database_exists() to the Database Utilities Class.
  • Semantic change to db->version() function to allow a list of exceptions for databases with functions to return version string instead of specially formed SQL queries. Currently this list only includes Oracle and SQLite.
  • Fixed a bug where driver specific table identifier protection could lead to malformed queries in the field_data() functions.
  • Fixed a bug where an undefined class variable was referenced in database drivers.

  • Added convert_accented_characters() function to text helper.
  • Added accept-charset to the list of inserted attributes of form_open() in the Form Helper.
  • Deprecated the dohash() function in favour of do_hash() for naming consistency.
  • Non-backwards compatible change made to get_dir_file_info() in the File Helper. No longer recurses by default so as to encourage responsible use (this function can cause server performance issues when used without caution).
  • Modified the second parameter of directory_map() in the Directory Helper to accept an integer to specify recursion depth.
  • Modified delete_files() in the File Helper to return FALSE on failure.
  • Added an optional second parameter to byte_format() in the Number Helper to allow for decimal precision.
  • Added alpha, and sha1 string types to random_string() in the String Helper.

Other Changes
  • Updated loader to automatically apply the sub-class prefix as an option when loading classes. Class names can be prefixed with the standard "CI_" or the same prefix as the subclass prefix, or no prefix at all.
  • Increased randomness with is_really_writable() to avoid file collisions when hundreds or thousands of requests occur at once.
  • Switched some DIR_WRITE_MODE constant uses to FILE_WRITE_MODE where files and not directories are being operated on.
  • get_mime_by_extension() is now case insensitive.
  • Added "default" to the list Reserved Names.
  • Added 'application/x-msdownload' for .exe files and ''application/x-gzip-compressed' for .tgz files to config/mimes.php.
  • Documented append_output() in the Output Class.
  • Documented a second argument in the decode() function for the Encryption Class.
  • Documentd db->close().

Bug fixes for 2.0.0

  • Fixed a bug where a failed query would not have a saved query execution time causing errors in the Profiler
  • Fixed a bug that was writing log entries when multiple identical helpers and plugins were loaded.
  • Fixed assorted user guide typos or examples (#10693, #8951, #7825, #8660, #7883, #6771, #10656).
  • Fixed a language key in the profiler: "profiler_no_memory_usage" to "profiler_no_memory".
  • Fixed an error in the Zip library that didn't allow downloading on PHP 4 servers.
  • Fixed a bug in the Form Validation library where fields passed as rule parameters were not being translated (#9132)
  • Modified inflector helper to properly pluralize words that end in 'ch' or 'sh'
  • Fixed a bug in xss_clean() that was not allowing hyphens in query strings of submitted URLs.
  • Fixed bugs in get_dir_file_info() and get_file_info() in the File Helper with recursion, and file paths on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug where Active Record override parameter would not let you disable Active Record if it was enabled in your database config file.
  • Fixed a bug in reduce_double_slashes() in the String Helper to properly remove duplicate leading slashes (#7585)
  • Fixed a bug in values_parsing() of the XML-RPC library which prevented NULL variables typed as 'string' from being handled properly.
  • Fixed a bug were form_open_multipart() didn't accept string attribute arguments (#10930).
  • Fixed a bug (#10470) where get_mime_by_extension() was case sensitive.
  • Fixed a bug where some error messages for the SQLite and Oracle drivers would not display.

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